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Caring for others means that we aren’t turning away, it means we are walking right into the center of painful situations.  In order to bring the kind of caring attention needed in those situations, we need to have a way to support our minds and hearts to be fearless, to be open, to be resilient.

– Karen Laing

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Find out about our free online mindful caregiving support calls. If you’re new to mindfulness practices or learning how to extend your practice into your caring relationships, we’ll be here to nourish, inspire, and to forge meaningful connections within our caring community.

Beginning Friday, June 12th at 10am CST, groups will be held on the 2nd & 4th Fridays of each month.

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We have the potential to heal ourselves and each other when we embody the qualities that support healing.  To find out how we can transform caring relationships, contact us today.

We’re here for you.

Join us to explore a path of mindful caregiving.
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We care for one another in many ways throughout our lifetime.

Caring for a child.

Caring for a loved one with mental illness.

Caring for an adolescent in crisis.

Caring for a spouse or partner with a disabling condition.

Caring for a loved one with cancer.

Caring for a parent.

Caring after an accident.

Caring at end of life.

Articles & Resources

Caregiving and Stress: How to be there for others without coming undone

Mindful awareness training doesn’t just help us with the really lovely stuff, like swimming on a summer day or being on vacation. It helps us to notice what is right here, right now, even in a difficult moment. When I feel a soft shoulder and the warmth of my breath...

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NAMI brings mental health services to Dane County residents

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Dane County has provided awareness, education and advocacy for people with mental illness, their families, and their caregivers for over 40 years. WisdomWay is proud to call NAMI Dane County a charitable partner.

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Seeking Relief

When we experience something painful and we don’t quite know how to respond to it, maybe we do something awkward and unhelpful, and instead of solving the discomfort, that brings more pain or discomfort. WisdomWay Institute’s 28-day Loving Through Difficulty course helps break this cycle.

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"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength.
Deeply loving someone gives you courage. "

Lao Tzu