Mindfulness is not simply a technique. It is an act of love. Our willingness to see, to hold ourselves closely just as we are, while being this way with another, is a revealing and deeply healing expression of care. - Saki Santorelli

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We have a passion to improve health care, to acknowledge and to support the work of family carers, and to cultivate the skills that transform caring relationships. Our wellbeing depends on the web of our connections. Let’s build them with wisdom and compassion together.

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If you’re caring for a loved one, you’re not alone. And this can be easier.

JOIN our FREE online support calls with Karen Laing. These monthly conversations shine light on our caring connections, and give you the opportunity to explore in community practices that nourish and sustain, even in the face of difficulties.

“I believe that we each have this basic goodness, a desire to be in a caring presence with ourselves and others. Yet, caregiving presents us with some of our deepest challenges.

My roots in mindful caregiving go back 25 years to my early training with mentors who established the Dana model of home care. I was introduced not only to mindfulness meditation, but to a way of viewing the role of serving, of being with vulnerability with confidence, gentleness and clarity.

These foundations have supported me as I have been present as a midwife, a coach, a mentor, bearing witness to beginnings, losses and other life transitions. I have found in all these roles but particularly with my own circle of loved ones, that we can have our most difficult moments become our deepest practice. We can find a way through the conditioned ways of reacting that wear us down and keep us from accessing what is nourishing and affirming about our caring."

Convenient Courses

Designed with your needs in mind, our online learning provides you with the opportunity to see new possibilities in your caring relationships. Whether you’re new to mindfulness practices or an experienced meditator, when you join us in exploring mindful caregiving, you’ll find deeply practical, gentle and supportive practices to support you and your caring connections.

Healing Retreats

Retreat experiences allow us the opportunity to step away from our everyday responsibilities, and to come into stillness.  To practice ‘being,’ and to set aside our ‘doing’.


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Wisdom Way Institute

Mindful Family Caregivers is a project of WisdomWay Institute, and offers resources designed to support the family carer.

The compass of mindful caregiving is based on a framework that recognizes the web of impact that we have on each other.  Read more about the ways in which WisdomWay Institute supports all of these connections.

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Find out about our free online mindful caregiving support calls. If you’re new to mindfulness practices or learning how to extend your practice into your caring relationships, we’ll be here to nourish, inspire, and to forge meaningful connections within our caring community.

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When we get caught up in hope, happiness relies on a certain outcome. To be a heartful caregiver, we abandon that ‘goal’ oriented way of thinking and we train to be in full and fearless contact with what is actually happening, not what might be or what might be escaped. When we convey confidence, and compassion, we offer something more unconditional, more authentic, than hope. Hope can come and go, but this kind of caring, is boundless. – Karen Laing

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"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength.
Deeply loving someone gives you courage. "

Lao Tzu